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The Genetic Counseling Center is a point of contact for patients and physicians. The genetic makeup of an individual, which is also called the genome, encompasses all hereditary information about a human being. Variants or changes in the genome can cause certain diseases or influence susceptibility. For these reasons, genetic information can be highly significant for individuals, couples or families in the diagnosis of diseases, individual life planning as well as decisions regarding the desire to have children. This information is obtained from genetic testing.


Genetic Counseling Center Office 
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Medical Director

Assoz.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr.
Jochen Bernd Geigl  
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Interdisciplinary working group—Hereditary tumor syndrome


Our working group is made up of University Hospital Graz experts in different disciplines who are concerned with hereditary tumor syndrome diagnosis and clinical care. The goal of the working group is to draw up practical recommendations that provide an interdisciplinary summary of the most important prevention and early detection measures for this group of patients.

The early detection testing documents available here are based on different international recommendations and have been created for practical implementation. These checklists are meant to provide guidance for clinical practice regarding care for individuals with a predisposition for a hereditary tumor. The documents do not claim to be exhaustive; in individual cases, other individual prevention or early detection measures should be considered. Since this discipline is constantly subject to new scientific findings, the checklists are updated as required.


Quality management

Since 2009, the Diagnostics and Research Institute of Human Genetics has been accredited according to the accreditation standard EN ISO 15189 (see below for the current scope of accreditation).

In this context, we pursue the goal of offering the customer state-of-the-art, high-quality services at a competitive price.

Our staff are actively integrated into our quality policy and each makes a unique contribution to quality assurance. Staff are also expected to be involved in the constant improvement of the QM system.

These measures help us guarantee the highest standards and ongoing monitoring of the quality of the entire spectrum of services.

Accreditation certificate

Quality manager

Michael Andrée 
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Quality manager

Lisa Ofner-Ziegenfuss  
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